Bıçakcılar Surgiline 2000C Surgical Table - Carbon fiber is specifically designed for radioscopic operations. Surgiline 2000C is constructed with X-ray permeable carbon fiber table top, stainless steel and high quality materials to  provide  durability and long operating life.

Positions of Surgiline 2000C are adjusted by an electrohydraulic system. Carbon fiber table has up/down, sliding, Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg, right/left lateral positions. Positions are adjusted with remote control, in a quite and nonvibrating manner at constant speed. The tabletop can be rotated 355°.

2000C Surgical Table Carbon fiber is equipped with battery recharge system. Movements of the table are fed from battery circuit. Battery power of the table has a 30 min operating time (approx 30 full positioning)

The 250 cm long carbon fiber table top provides effective imaging and 'T’ shape design of the Surgiline 2000C allows easy access to the table top in any position. Special breaks and antistatic casters allow ease of mobility.

Surgiline 2000C Surgical Table Carbon fiber is unique product specially designed and manufactured in order to provide highest value of imaging.

Height adjustment: 780 - 1110 mm

Height adjustment (w/mattress): 860- 1190 mm

Tabletop: 640 x 2300 mm

Table base: 370 x 830 mm

Voltage: 230V,  50/60Hz

Remote control voltage: DC 5V

Motor inputs: DC 24V, 10A

Battery: 2 each, 1 2V, 7Ah, maintenance free, lead acid

Battery recharge voltage: DC 27.2V

Battery recharge time: 18h (full charge)

M2C 500 0 0

Net weight: 250 kg

Gross weight: 290 kg

Packing dimensions: 1000 x 1680 x 1100 mm (Table body) 200 x 680 x 2400 mm (Table top)

Lateral: Right 20°, Left 20°

Trendelenburg: 25°

Reverse Trendelendurg: 25°

Tabletop: Rotates 355°

Horizontal table sliding: 250 mm

  1. I.V. stand (1 ea)

  2. Mattress ( 1 set)

  3. Body strap (1 ea)

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