Quality Policy

We believe in quality best practices that offer many benefits, including lower costs and risks, better, healthier patients. With our focus on the patients, we strive to make a difference with our commitment to quality.

With our senior management and our team, we continuously adapt to changing expectations within our sector to assure everything we do results in best patient care and decreased risks.

Therefore, we make sure;
• That ongoing quality, safety and effectiveness of medical devices is our main focus.
• That we continuously improve clinical effectiveness and device availability.
• That we reduce total cost of device ownership.
• That we help to uphold staff morale and professionalism for the healthcare providers through positive experience with their patients.
• That we provide the best technical service both for preventive maintenance and repair.

Based on the assurances above, we have established our Quality Policies as follows;
• Innovative thinking is our mandate. Our research and development along with focus on competitiveness, we continuously develop ways of being more productive without any negative impact on quality.
• We fulfill all regulatory and normative requirements (e.g Medical Device Directive and ISO EN 13485 Standard).
• We guarantee compliance for our products as per international standards.
• We make sure that each employee in the organization shares the same mission, vision and strategy so that our corporate culture can only enhance our products and solution for our customers.
• The effectiveness of quality management systems is a top priority for our organisation to meet customer and regulatory requirements.
• We provide the resources for improvement of activities by reviewing the effectiveness of the available quality system and the quality targets which are created in line with the quality policy, on a continuous basis.
• We implement our quality system effectively in every phase of our processes to assure complete customer satisfaction.
02 January 2020 rev.06


As Bıçakcılar, having social responsibility, contribution to the national economy and to healthcare services, and being environmentally sensitive;

• Fully implement environmental and occupational safety laws
• Create a culture that supports the system with effective leadership and responsibility,
• Control and end the negative effects on the environment and natural resources arising from our products, services and activities, and continue and further the positive effects.
• Protect natural resources, use them sparingly and develop recycling ways by reducing wastes,
• Take protective measures to eliminate the risks of work accidents and occupational diseases, with the participation of all our employees,
• Raise awareness of our employees and suppliers on environmental and occupational safety
• Increase the competencies of our employees with continuous training and supportive programs,
are the basic elements of our Employee Safety and Environmental Management Policy. And the continuous improvement of work processes is a primary policy of our company.
17.02.2022 rev.04

ISMS Policy

As Bıçakcılar organization that is aware of its social responsibilities, contributes to the country's economy and health services;

Main objectives;
For preventing violations of the law, legal, regulatory or contractual obligations and any security requirements,
• To apply the rules of Information Security Management System implement fully
• To define the approach and goals of the top management,
• To inform the employees and related parties about the information security targets and objectives of Bıçakcılar,
• Bıçakcılar Information Security is the continuous improvement of the management system.
30.05.2017/ BGP01_1


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