Our manufacturing facilities are located in a closed area of 31,000 m2 constructed on a total area of 26,500 m2 in Esenyurt, İstanbul. Bıçakcılar offers a wide range of medical products from sterile disposable devices to medical equipment.

Manufacturing, product assembly and packaging of disposable medical devices are performed in class 10.000 and 100.000 clean rooms with a total area of 4.226 m2. Bio-burden on the products is kept under control in these clean rooms, and sterilization safety is achieved.

Disposable device division includes injection, extrusion, blow molding, assembly, packaging and sterilization departments whereas electro-medical equipment manufacturing division includes metal shop, machining manufacturing, surface cleaning, dying, mechanical and electrical assembly departments.

Pre-shipment storage processes of our products are also performed in our factories. Finished products are stored in air conditioned 3.500 m2 warehouses with around the clock humidity/temperature monitoring.

Raw material warehouses are temperature and humidity controlled areas meeting high industry standards.

In-house mold design and production capability add strength and flexibility both in device design and development stages.