Custom Manufacturing

Some of the world’s most successful companies rely on contract manufacturers because it enables them to focus on R&D, their core competencies, new market entry opportunities, product portfolio expansion and innovation. We are providing one of the best choices for you to give you the time to focus on these areas while we manufacture some of the devices on your behalf.

This is our official invitation to visit us to see our facilities, meet our expert teams and see for yourself how much value we can add to your success by increasing your portfolio, help you focus on innovation while decreasing your cost of production. Our offering is part of our mission where “we want everybody to have reachable and affordable healthcare around the globe”.

Unique Values

• 60 years of expertise, know-how, product design and R&D
• Readiness and compliance to regulations
• World-class integrated quality process and infrastructure
• In house laboratory services
• Customization through mold production on the premises
• Well managed and integrated distribution systems
• Technical service and training
• Transparent Partnership
• Global Network

Benefits To You

• Clear communication as a result of speaking the same language that produces accurate compliance to design and build specifications
• Customization enabling you to offer your customers exactly what they need
• Dynamic logistics systems enable the shipments to arrive on time all the time
• Always support you with service and training
• Transparency creates a strong partnership for mutual benefits