About Us

Did You Know That Every Minute of the Day, Somewhere Around the Globe, Bicakcilar Branded Medical Disposables and Equipment Help Medical Staff to Produce Miracles on Human Life?

We are a 60 year-old company that has created a lot of “firsts” in Turkey where it was born. Over the years, expanding globally, Bicakcilar Medical has helped save lives around the globe supplying the products that are crucial in healthcare. From medical disposables to operating room equipment, we stand out with two amazing uniqueness:
• Quality control with zero tolerance
• After sales service by our own experts adding exceptional durability to our medical equipment

Our focus on the “patient” makes us a great partner with our customers- doctors and hospitals worldwide!

Our international and domestic customers have been with us for over 20 years proving how the care and the expertise contribute to their success.

With over 800 Bıçakcılar employees, as well as our business partners, we serve our customers by manufacturing and supplying innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly medical devices. We are committed to assure that everything we do benefits the society and the environment while helping save lives.

We continuously research and learn to assure nobody in the world is left behind in healthcare needs!


We believe in a world where everybody is taken care of, comfortable and happy, in sickness and in health.


Our compassion for healthy life is leading us to focus on innovative thinking to provide medical devices that make living easier, more affordable and effective.

Execution: Strive for executional excellence which directly impacts patients, our central focus,

Passion: Show passion in how we do our job so we continuously move forward, innovate and improve,

Integrity: Act in honesty, transparency and fairness that create the trust in our company,

Think Global: Reach out to global markets to assure no patient is left behind anywhere,

Embrace and drive change: Focus on change through collaboration with all our stakeholders


Global healthcare Industry not only has become a fertile ground for innovation but also is in need of more “disruptive innovation” more than ever. At Bicakcilar, we have been following the global market trends and adjusting our roadmap accordingly so, as we say, no patient is left behind.

As the world still faces a lot of anxiety, sadness and fear, and at times, helplessness in this vast universe, our passion for saving lives has never been as high as it is today.

With millions of people around the globe still at risk of losing their lives even though the curing science and technology exists, there is still a lot to do.

With our strong expertise in manufacturing medical devices, we have come a long way since 1952. However, saving lives is a very serious responsibility and thus we feel we owe it to humanity to take another turn and focus strongly on biomedical technology.

Recently, we have initiated the Innovation Group and working closely with RD, our strong focus as a company is now on developing innovative solutions with the help of new technologies, partnering with various experts along with adding young and fresh minds as we integrate them with minds of years of experience.

It is a very exciting time for us.

We are a biomedical technology company, backed by expert manufacturing foundation, and we are ready to share our new solutions with the world to assure our world becomes a better and healthy space.

With this message, I also would like to invite those who share the same passion to connect with us.

Dr. Souheil El Hakim, CEO
Bicakcilar Medical Devices