About Us

Did you know that anywhere in the world, every minute, Bicakcilar-branded disposable medical Disposables and Equipment assist healthcare professionals in creating miracles in human lives?

We are a company with over 60 years of industry experience, established in Turkey, and pioneering in many 'firsts'. As of July 31, 2023, we have become a part of the Koç Group. As Bicakcilar Medical Devices, we procure essential products for healthcare services and contribute to saving lives on a global scale.

From medical disposables to operating room equipment, we stand out with two amazing uniqueness:
• Quality control with zero tolerance
• After-sales service by our own experts adding exceptional durability to our medical equipment

Our focus on the “patient” makes us a great partner with our customers- doctors and hospitals worldwide!

Our international and domestic customers have been with us for over 20 years proving how our care and expertise contribute to their success.

With over 800 Bicakcilar employees, as well as our business partners, we serve our customers by manufacturing and supplying innovative, reliable, and environmentally friendly medical devices. Our efforts to save lives are also focused on the benefit of society and the environment.

We continuously research, learn and develop to assure nobody in the world is left behind in healthcare needs!


We believe in a world where everybody is taken care of, comfortable and happy, in sickness and in health.


Our compassion for healthy life is leading us to focus on innovative thinking to provide medical devices that make living easier, more affordable and effective.

Execution: Strive for executional excellence which directly impacts patients, our central focus,

Passion: Show passion in how we do our job so we continuously move forward, innovate and improve,

Integrity: Act in honesty, transparency and fairness that create the trust in our company,

Think Global: Reach out to global markets to assure no patient is left behind anywhere,

Embrace and drive change: Focus on change through collaboration with all our stakeholders