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First and Foremost Human Life

When the subject is human life, there rest are only details. When we manufacture our medical equipment, there is nothing more important than saving a patient’s life. Medical personnel depends on us to assure lives are saved every time and anywhere.

The proactive care can only be sustainable if done directly by the manufacturer of the medical equipment with expertise of 60 years.

This is our uniqueness…

Therefore, our Technical Service providing continuous maintenance assures no life is interrupted.

BTS provides the safety so the medical staff can create miracles for human life.



The Best Performance… Always…

By providing periodic maintenance, medical staff doesn’t encounter unexpected problems and the patient receives uninterrupted care.

Protective and Sustainable Care

Our care plan not only provides safety for medical procedures but also extends the life of the equipment decreasing the hospitals’ costs over time. It also avoids interruptions.
Our BTS team can give you the best package based on your individual needs.

Low Costs… Best results…

Working with us, we can reduce the cost of health services and contribute to safe procedures to achieve the best results for patient’s life.

Inner Peace for All Procedures

We can be at your sight fast to assure help arrives at all times during unexpected events.
Just one call…

One Phone Call is All It Takes

One phone call to us will give you the assurance of safety.
+90 (216) 505 89 98

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