Human Resources Policy

Our HR Policies are built on the notion that our employees are the most important assets of our company!

In line with our corporate structure, we believe that creating a work experience that supports continuous growth , high performance, motivation, and rotation of our employees are important factors in our success.

To ensure sustainable customer satisfaction, we work to achieve our goals by working in teams with strong compassion, with a global outlook, and constantly reach out for the best and the newest, while also adding new team players that can move ahead with added new perspectives.

On this path which we have embarked on with the motto "Human Health First", we not only fulfill the needs and expectations for health(care), but also search for excellence to offer a lot more to the World!

Human Resources Policy

As Bicakcilar, we are always looking for outstanding talents: Join us if you believe you can bring new perspectives and experiences to our team.

If you have the compassion for human life, if you believe contributing to change for the better is part of your vision, Bicakcilar can be the place for you…

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Open Positions

Senior Financial Planning Specialist

  • Planlama & Bütçeleme süreçlerinin yönetimi
  • Şirketin finansal göstergelerinin hazırlanması ve analizlerinin yapılması
  • Finansal raporlamaların IFRS raporlama standartlarına uyumlu şekilde gerçekleştirilmesi
  • Bütçe gerçekleşen kontrollerinin yapılması, analiz edilmesi ve raporlanması
  • Günlük, aylık ve diğer dönemsel yönetim raporlarının hazırlanması
  • Üst yönetimin ihtiyaç duyacağı diğer analiz ve raporların hazırlanması
What we Expect from you?
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Quality Assurance Manager

  • University or Master's degree in Chemist, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Biology or similar degree with minimum of 5 years’ experience in Medical Device Industry is preferably
  • Excellent communication skills as well as fluency in English
  • In-depth knowledge of Quality Management Systems, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and 14001, European and other regulations related to medical devices (MDD and MDR)
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety regulations and applications
  • Experience in department and people management
  • Excellent organizational, time management and prioritization skills
What we Expect from you?
  • Developing and implementing quality standards and control systems
  • To manage all Quality Management Systems and projects like ISO 9001-14001- 45001, etc.
  • Stating and analyzing the issues causing quality problems and offering solutions according to the sector requirements
  • Continuously perform GAP analysis in all local procedures in regards to Bıçakcılar quality standards and ensure full abidance of the Bıçakcılar Quality System.
  • Overall monitoring and analyzing of Quality Management System performance and Quality Management activities within the company
  • Ensuring that workflows, processes, and products comply with safety regulations
  • Working closely with Operations/Production and other functions to develop controls and improvements
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R&D Engineer

Join us and be part of this exciting and career fulfilling opportunity! R&D is one of the most critical functions at Bıçakcılar, a future-oriented, fast-growing, and technology enthusiast med-tech company. For us, innovation is the way we build the future to move forward in realizing our company’s mission - saving lives and making healthcare accessible anywhere around the globe. In the end, we are all working towards the same goal: To create an impeccable experience for patients and our customers!

  • You obtained a Mechanical/Chemical/Electromechanics Engineering bachelor, master, or Ph.D. degree.
  • You are a fresh graduate or have years of related work experience or equivalent combination of educational background and work experience.
  • You are willing to present and defend your ideas, progress and strive to work in a collaborative environment.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You can work independently without supervision.
  • You have knowledge of project management.
  • You have strong design and technical ability based on a broad and deep knowledge of fundamental engineering principles; experience in medical products is highly preferred.
What we Expect from you?
  • You will be working on various engineering projects to develop medical devices requiring competencies in a wide range of fields fields, including electronic, mechanical, or chemical engineering.
  • You will be part of a research team that has a strong curiosity to follow new trends in medical devices.
  • You will continuously improve yourself with your team members learning new technologies and acquiring new skills.
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Mechanical Engineer

We are in search of a "Mechanical Engineer" with the following qualifications to be employed at the R&D center of our factory, located in Esenyurt-Kıraç

  • Mechanical Engineering department graduate
  • At least 3 years of experience
  • Advanced knowledge of SolidWorks and Autocad programs
  • Experienced in machine / mechanical systems design and manufacturing
  • Experienced in Construction, Mechanics, Machine Materials and Manufacturing Technology
  • Open to learning, able to think analytically, work result-oriented, have problem solving skills and are compatible with teamwork
What we Expect from you?
  • Conducting mechanical design studies in design and product development projects, preparing all necessary documents for the design and production phase, ensuring that the projects progress in line with the targets
  • Carrying out market research for design studies and making product selections
  • Creating necessary product tree and manufacturing documents for Prototype and Production
  • Carrying out activities to ensure effective communication with other units within the company, to carry out, improve and develop the processes under his / her responsibility
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Medical Device R&D Engineer

e are in search of a "Medical Device R&D Engineer" with the following qualifications to be employed at the R&D center of our factory, located in Esenyurt-Kıraç

  • Having master's and / or doctorate degrees, including (at least) undergraduate degree from Electrical-Electronics or Mechatronics Engineering
  • At least 3 years of experience
  • Enjoys striving to present their ideas, progress and work in a collaborative environment
  • Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Has the potential to take initiative and work independently
  • Project management knowledge
  • Has a strong design and technical capability based on broad and deep knowledge of basic engineering principles
  • Objective, detailed and result oriented
  • Paying attention to parameters such as cost, quality, quantity and deadlines
What we Expect from you?
  • Working on various engineering projects to develop medical devices that require expertise in the fields of Electronics or Mechatronics Engineering
  • Organizing, planning and tracking project milestones: concept, design, test, cost, approval process, etc.
  • To do concept and design studies for new products / processes
  • Working in cooperation with management, production, process development, quality, regulatory and marketing units to ensure project success
  • Collecting data and applying various forms of engineering analysis to make informed decisions or recommendations
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