Surgiline 3000C Carbon Fiber Surgical Table

Surgiline 3000C Carbon Fiber Surgical Table
Surgiline 3000C Carbon Fiber Surgical Table
Surgiline 3000C Carbon Fiber Surgical Table

Bıçakcılar Surgiline 3000C Surgical Table Carbon Fiber is specifically designed for radioscopic operations.

Surgiline 3000C is constructed with X-ray permeable carbon fiber table top, stainless steel and high quality materials to provide durability and long operating life.

Positions of Surgiline 3000C are adjusted by an electrohydraulic system. Carbon fiber table has up/down, sliding, Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg, right/left lateral positions. Positions are adjusted with remote control, in a quite and nonvibrating manner at constant speed.

Thanks to the Surgiline 3000C Surgical Table 350 mm sliding motion, the imaging area of C-arm radiography devices increases.

3000C Surgical Table Carbon Fiber is equipped with battery recharge system. Electrohydraulic system that provides table movement is energized by integrated battery system. The battery system is able to make 60 table movements when electricity is off. If the battery level is insufficient to start the hydraulic motor, all movements can be performed with the help of the mechanical foot pedal.

Surgiline 3000C surgical table can be moved easily in desired direction with four wheels and one of them is anti-static.

Electro-hydraulic floor lock system reserved table chassis immobile to the ground. These system can immobile the table even in 6mm ground differences. For patient safety, electro-hydraulically controlled movement cannot be made without the operating table fixed to the floor.

Surgiline 3000C Surgical Table Carbon Fiber is unique product specially designed and manufactured in order to provide highest value of imaging. It is a long-term investment with superb production quality and high technology as well as after-sales service guarantee. It is an excellent choice for today’s demanding surgery theaters.

Technical Details

Height adjustment: 710 – 1060 mm

Height adjustment (w/mattress): 790 – 1140 mm

Mattress thickness: 80 mm

Tabletop: 640 – 2300 mm

Table base: 490 x 1100 mm

Voltage*: 230V, 50/60Hz

Remote control voltage: DC 5V

Motor inputs: DC 24V, 10A

Battery: 2 each, 1 2V, 7Ah, maintenance free, lead acid

Battery recharge voltage: DC 27.2V

Battery recharge time: 18h (full charge)

Surgiline 3000C Surgical Table

Carbon Fiber

Ref: M2D 400 0 0

Net weight: 300 kg

Gross weight: 350 kg

Packing dimensions: 1000 x 1680 x 1100 mm (Table Body)


Lateral: Right 20°, Left 20°

Trendelenburg: 35°

Reverse Trendelendurg: 35°

Horizontal table sliding: 350 mm

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