Bıçakcılar Eye Surgery Table is designed for ophthalmic surgical procedures and examinations. Eye Surgery Table is constructed with high quality materials to provide hygiene and long operating life in hospitals and clinics.

Eye Surgery Table consists of head.backmstseatand  leg sections. Multifunction head section can be adjusted to required position.

In order to provide larger operating field. the backrest section is in a tapering shape towards the head section. Adjustable side supports can be easily mounted to backrest section depending on the table's position of use (supine or sitting positions).

The brake system controlled from both wheels at foot-end allows both casters to move freely, stabilize one caster in the straight direction. or secures the both casters. The casters at head-end has own brakestable at desired position.

Two handles on backrest section of the table provides easy maneuverability while conductivity is provided by an anti-static castor.

The tabletop can be raised and lowered. and backrest section can be moved forward and backward with remote control by hand or with a multifunctional foot pedal (optional accessory).

Three positions can be preset in memory by use of the remote control unit. For patient comfort the seat section horizontally moves concurrently with backrest section in combination with leg section movements. These positions are adjusted by an electrically operated piston.

Rechargeable battery provides uninterrupted power and can be removed easily for recharging. In urgency all the movements of table can be halted by one-touch button located on the battery control unit.

Trendelenburg position is adjusted pneumatically by a foot pedal.

Height adjustment: 610 - 810 mm

Table horizontal length: 1565 mm

Table base: 665 x 800 mm

Head section: 180 x 200 mm

Backrest section: 530 x 600 mm

Seat section: 530 x 540 mm

Leg section: 510 x 440 mm

Voltage: 220V. 50Hz (For Battery Charging)

Rechargeable Battery: DC 24V

M2T 400 0 0

Net weight: 1 10 kg

Gross weight: 165 kg

Packing dimensions: 1000 x 1680 x 1100 mm

Head section: Upward 100 mm. Downward 100 mm. Extendable 160 mm

Backrest section: Upward 75°

Trendelenburg: 15°

Leg section: Downward 45°

Standart Accessories

  1. Arm boards (2 ea)

  2. Flexible cover bow (1 ea)

  3. Remote control holder (1 ea)

  4. Battery recharge unit (1 ea)


  1. Spare battery

  2. Multi-functional foot pedal

  3. Operator chair

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