Emergency room service is the first step to save the lives of many people and whether for unexpected events or normal conditions, it is always a vital service.In line with our mission to save a human life, we are proud to introduce our patient bed built to provide comfort to patients in emergency rooms.

For us;

Patient's comfort while waiting for medical staff,

More economical solution for the high number of emergency patients when time is of essence,

Patient’s safety during treatment while providing comfort is important.

Key Features:

  • Safe movement and positioning of the patient with the cross-brake system during emergency care.

  • For patients with respiratory distress, the head section can be gradually adjusted to an angle of 30 degrees.

  • 22D soft sponge is used to make the patient more comfortable and consists of two sections: head-back and seat-foot.

  • Surface of the mattress is coated with flexible, antibacterial and burn resistant polyurethane sheath to ensure patient safety.

  • The patient bed is built to enable hanging the serums on both sides of the bed.

  • The metal parts of the patient bed are painted with electrostatic powder paint to prevent rusting.

Bed dimensions: 2120 x 910 x 815 mm

Seating height: 350 mm (w/o mattress) 500 mm (w/mattress)

Mattress: 2000 x 860 x 150 mm

Wheel diameter: 150 mm

Brake method: Cross-brake system (2 wheels free without the brake and 2 wheels with the brake)

Net weight: 60 kg

M2Z 450 0 0

Head section angle: 30° upward

Head section adjustment: Gradual mechanichal adjustment

Standard Accessories

  1. I.V. stand

  2. Document tray

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