A New Generation Surgical Light

Efficient, Economic, Original and Unique. Incredible 40,000 hours service time.

Ø 600 mm, 160 klux, w/ Battery, Mobile

Natural "cold light" with no infrared components.

LED illuminates far longer than traditional light sources.

Easier and less costly maintenance. Each LED bulb with individual circuit can be replaced respectively, which will minimize the maintenance cost.

Luxline LED Series surgical light shows excellent shadow management function (shadow-free). The professional shadow dilution experiment simulated extreme situations by using tubes and masks proved that Bıçakcılar Luxline LED Series surgical light has sufficient illumination even in extreme situations.

Low power consumption.

Perfectly integrated into laminar flow (Certified per DIN-1946 Part 4).

Touch screen panel for easier control. 330° rotatable integrated HD camera.

Ultra-thin design & excellent maneuverability

Ergonomic and compact design less than 12kg.

Sterilizable handle.

Light source: LED

Number of LED: 32 ea

LED life cycle: 40.000 h

Luminous power: 160.000 Lux/m ±5%

Light intensity: Adjustable in 10 levels

Light head diameter: 600 mm±5%

Light head: Rotates 320°

Spring arm: Right 75°, left 75°, 860 mm length, 45° downward and 45° upward, 1125 mm action distance

Action radius: 860 mm

Color temperature: 4350 Kelvin ±150

Color rendering index(CRI): ≥95

Focus diameter: 195-300 mm/m

Lighting depth L1+L2 (20%): ≈1200 mm

Lighting depth L1+L2 (60%): ≈600 mm

Power consumption: 34 W

Power /generator input: 230V, 50Hz, Automatic switch over from main supply to battery operating

Recharging time (after total discharge): 15-18 h

Battery type: 2 each, DC 1 2V, 1 2Ah, maintenance free, lead acid battery

Lighting time with full batter: 3h

M1A 300 0 0

Spring arm: 55 x 185 x 920 mm, 5.5 kg

Upper and lower pipe: 1100 x 80 x 60 mm, 4.5 kg

Lamp head: 1100 x 1045 x 300 mm, 11 kg

Power base: 630 x 630 x 950 mm, 76.5 kg

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